Marcasite Electroformed Pendant (I)

Marcasite Electroformed Pendant (I)


This stunning piece of Marcasite has been wire wrapped, copper plated and then transformed into this stunning necklace.

"The metallic shine of marcasite has been valued by numerous civilizations since antiquity. Marcasite is named for the Medieval Latin term "marcasita," a derivative of the Arabic word "markaschatsa," meaning "fire stone." This term isn't in reference to marcasite's beautiful metallic shine. Marcasite can actually spark when struck with iron or flint.

The Ancient Incans, Greeks and Egyptians all valued marcasite. It was not uncommon to see Cleopatra herself adorned in marcasite gemstones. Marcasite was especially popular in the 18th and 19th centuries of Edwardian jewelry when it was most commonly cut into tiny stones and set in sterling silver.

Marcasite is said to be a gemstone used for powerful meditation. Marcasite gems aid in introspection and tend to resonate more strongly with higher, more spiritual chakras. According to many beliefs, marcasite is a talisman associated with wisdom, courage and expression.

Metaphysical properties of marcasite also suggest it is a stone that inspires creativity when it comes to the arts and architecture. The stone helps fight intellectual fatigue, making it a favorite for students who are studying for big tests."

Pendant size:
* 4.5cm long x 4cm wide (inc copper hoop)
* Hung on a hand crafted 20" copper plated chain

Chain can be changed to desired length or an adjustable black vegan waxed cotton cord. Please state on your order what you would like. If nothing is noted then it will get sent out with the chain that it is currently on.

All jewellery and items at Wilderness Holistics are free from animal ingredients, 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free. As a company we are inspired by nature and we are based within the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Made for the Mind, Body & Soul.

Jessica Faye xxx
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