Mexican Bird’s Eye Rhyolite Electroformed Pendant

Mexican Bird’s Eye Rhyolite Electroformed Pendant


This stunning piece of Mexican Bird’s Eye Rhyolite has been wire wrapped, copper plated and then transformed into this stunning Pendant.

Mexican Bird’s Eye Rhyolite:
Mexican Bird’s Eye is a form of Rhyolite, which aids in communication and brings in the clarity to what is being said. A stone of general healing, it permits the wearing individual to understand the bigger picture of a state of affairs. This protecting and regenerating stone features bands swirled together in unique patterns of yellow, ruddy and brown gloss. Crystal-rich layers named as the streaming rock, this gem has beautiful lava flows onto the surface. It appears different depending on how it erupts but has a theme similar to granite with a smaller grain size. Mined in Mexico, Mexican Bird Eye shows us how to enjoy the immense potential within ourselves. It serves to maintain focus on the present moment and leads to progression in life; it is used for meditation and resolving issues which are not even finished.

Pendant size:
* Appox. 5cm long x 4cm wide (inc copper hoop)
* Hung on a hand crafted, vegan, waxed organic cotton cord

All necklaces can be changed to a chain of required length or put onto an adjustable, vegan waxed black cotton cord. Please state on your order what you would like. If nothing is stated on order then pieces will be sent out as they are listed.

All jewellery and items at Wilderness Holistics are free from animal ingredients, 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free. As a company we are inspired by nature and we are based within the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Made for the Mind, Body & Soul.

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