Polychrome Jasper 0.326kg

Polychrome Jasper 0.326kg


Polychrome Jasper:

Polychrome Jasper is a different colored Jasper from Madagascar. It usually exhibits a circular, eye-shaped, or figurative pattern. It’s also known as Desert Jasper. It’s a recently discovered Jasper stone that’s distinguished by its beautiful and earthy colors.

Polychrome Jasper is a stone that’s strongly connected to the Fire element, and it embodies passion, exuberance, vibrancy, vitality, action, and creativity. This particular Jasper stone also has very strong grounding, centering, and stabilizing energies that will deepen and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth. Polychrome Jasper possesses earth power, and it will support you in finding new relationships that will bring out the best in you.

12.5cm high
6cm wide
Weight 0.326kg

All items are photographed outside in natural light so that we can capture the true beauty of each item. However, sometimes colours may vary slightly so please bear this in mind.

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